(2 7/18) BERTOF Women’s BASKETBALL SAINT SEBASTIAN 100% STERLING SILVER Patron Saint of Athletes Medal With Copyrighted Paul Herbert Blessing ZOLA Series



7/8 inch Sterling Silver St. Sebastian Medal made in the USA. The Oval Medal is adorned with St. Sebastian the Patron Saint of Athletes. The reverse side of the Medal Portrays a Female Player. Die Striking only the finest Grade Solid Sterling Silver Stock, enables the Intricate Details of the Coined Precious Metal to fully show when the Antique Finish from Hand Polishing is Applied to each Medal. It is then Highlighted by Hand Engraving, to Display the Beautiful Sheen of Pure Sterling. A 18 inch Rhodium Plated Curb Chain is Included with a Deluxe Velour Gift Box. Catholics first popularized the tradition of wearing devotional medals during the Renaissance period to commemorate particular Saints, holy places or historical events. Many Catholics of the time would have personal medals cast to mark births and special sacraments such as Baptism and Confirmation, with the persons name and the date and give them out. Catholic medals also carry with them particular graces and indulgences for those who wear them. Today Catholic medals have become a refined art and are made of quality materials such as gold, silver and pewter. Devotional medals are artwork that can be displayed on the wall, kept in your wallet, mirror hung in your car, or worn around your neck.

BASKETBALL SAINT SEBASTIAN Sterling Silver Female Patron Saint of Athletes Double Sided Sport Devotional Artwork Medal
18 Inch Rhodium Plated Curb Chain SEARCH AMAZON FOR “SEBANO COINS” For Matching Piece
Packaged In Deluxe Velour Gift Box
Excellent Gift or for Personal Use Comes In BERTOF Branded Gift Box
Hand Made Art Work ! Includes Exclusive Copyrighted Paul Herbert Blessing